Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26 - Hair today, gone tomorrow

They told me to expect my hair to start to go on day 16 or 17 after my first chemo treatment and like clockwork on day 17 it has started to go. I first noticed it in the shower yesterday and then when I checked my pillow discovered it must've started overnight.

Since yesterday I have found myself being very conscious of it. I think twice about scratching an itch on my head, in the shower I am not as aggressive in washing it and in drying my hair I pat it dry. I am sure this is over reacting - it isn't like it will come out in big patches. That said, just a little tug and I can pull out a tuft pretty easily. I have demonstrated this bizzare oddity a few times. I let Kaelyn, our 5 year old, take a tug - for some reason she thought that was really neat and I had to stop her from grabbing more.

I just got off the phone with my barber and at 5:40 this afternoon I am going to have it taken off. Better to get this off in one swoop then shedding worse than our dog, Gracie, over the next week or so - we already have enough dark hair floating around our kitchen floor from her.

BTW - Since it has been asked I will mention it - the primary hair loss is coming from on top. It has been much less pronounced in other parts. We'll see what happens, I'll probably thin out in other areas but hopefully it won't be as dramatic.



  1. I want to be the first to post here that you are a very handsome bald man.

  2. I too think you've got a nice looking head which is key for a bald guy! But hey, I live with a bald guy so I guess I'm partial. Don't leave home without your hat though!

  3. Let me say from experience, that the other places take longer to fall out for some reason.... AND your head will get cold at night when you sleep so you might want to find a comfy cap that will keep it warm! You look great! I'm glad you all got to share and make it fun!

  4. um... you will most likely lose your hair on other places. But it will grow back a little while after your chemo is finished. The hair on your head might even grow back curly for a while!