Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16 - Back in the saddle

Before getting into my update - I have noticed some folks are starting to add comments to my posts. This is great. It is quite simple to do this - though not obvious. If you'd like to comment on any of my posts simply click on the small "comment" word below the posting.

Whew - I had a rough 36 hours that started with nausea and resulted in being plugged up from the bottom up (yes, probably too much information). The process of getting everything moving was unpleasant - I will spare you those details. I will say that I thank God that Lynda is a nurse! She has been such a huge guide to me and care giver to me - we are stretching the "in sickness and health" here and she has meant the world to me. Seriously, if I didn't have Lynda to rely on to make sure I am doing the right things to keep my ship upright I'd probably have had to make several trips to the emergency room - and it is only the first week!

Example - Wednesday night Lynda decides we needed to do a little procedure to get me moving again (being discrete here). Needless to say I never had one of those. With a shaky voice I asked - "Do you know how to do that?". With a roll of the eyes, she informed me that she used to have to do this sort of thing all the time while working in the hospital. I didn't know, didn't need to know - but am glad she knew what to do!

We are learning quite a bit about how my body reacts to the treatments and the associated drugs. We are going to be in much better shape going into the next treatment - January 30.

Today, my stomach is a little sore but I am doing much better. After an awesome first weekend we hit a valley which I think we are about out of now.

I am hoping and praying for a good weekend. Tomorrow we celebrate Ryan's eigth birthday and we also have tickets to see Wicked!

Continue your prayers. I was in the doctor today for my weekly checkup. As expected my white blood cells have taken a dive - my immunity levels are pretty low right now. We are hoping that with one of the drugs taken last week that this will bounce back over the weekend. Another concern is that my blood pressure (which has been high since I first checked with the doctor mid-December) is still high. We had hoped that with the free up of the kidney last week that the blood pressure would come down to normal levels (prior to last month my blood pressure has always been text book).

In Christ,


  1. Aha love the way your posts show up as an alert on my facebook Magic...or is it the old coleman cooler saying "how do it know??!". I hope Ryan has a very happy birthday!

  2. Hey Tom, just came across this on FB, please know it not only caught my attention, but also moved me as I read through each posting.

    I want you to know that, indeed, you will have my thoughts and ongoing prayers as you continue to battle and, of course, ultimately win this fight. We all have quite a bit to gain in the near- and far-off future upon your doing so.

    Stay strong. Be brave. Get better.

    With deepest concern,


  3. You and Lynda are truly an inspiration to John and I as a newly married couple! Have a great time tommorrow with Ryan - now I have to see Wicked as I think this is the second time you will have seen it!

  4. Hello Tom,
    It's been awhile, huh? You have been in our prayers since Lesa told me of your scary news. I know your incredible faith will help you get through the rough treatments/side effects and ultimately beat this. I will continue to read your very interesting blogs and will think of you, Linda and your kids often.
    God bless you,
    Kristie (Masen) Ray and family

  5. Hi, Tom,
    I got the news from the Interfaith group prayer request. I can definitely relate to how you and Lynda feels. You've done a nice job to inform people and keep us updated!

    My husband Steve's chemo schedule is 2 or 3 days ahead of yours on each 3-weeks circle, he had colon cancer and had gone through 2 surgeries (on colon and liver) and 5 rounds of chemo so far, 3 more to go. I will definitely remember you, Lynda and 3 kids in my prayers and continue to follow your blog.

    God is good and still in control. There are so many things to give thanks for ... Let's continue placing our eyes on Him and He will carry us through this marathon.

    Love in Christ,
    Steve & Terri Huang

  6. Your feelings about Lynda are right on. She is a great sister to me, and obviuosly a great wife to you. You and your family continue to be in our prayers. Josh (and everyone else) wishes Ryan a Happy Birthday.

    God's Blessing,

  7. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for sharing your story as you go through this experience. It is wonderful to see the the miracles, answers to prayers and the support from family and friends...another form of a miracle.

    Our family loved "Wicked" and hope that your family did too. Especially Ryan... Happy Birhtday to him.

    All the best,