Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7 - Discovering cancer in my life

I plan to use this site to help keep my friends and family updated on my journey and fight with cancer - non-Hodkins Lymphoma. Included below is the information I shared on Wednesday, January 7th with friends and family and on Facebook.

From January 7th:

While I’ve had the chance to tell my story many times in the last 24 hours – I know many may have not heard my news. In the last couple of days I have been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (large B Cell – if that means anything to you). The cancer cells are very aggressive growers and I have quite a lot of them in my lower abdomen with smaller pockets thrown in my chest and neck. Today (Thursday, Jan 8), I begin the first of 8 chemotherapy treatments. The treatments will each be separated by three weeks – so this process will go on for about six months. The good news is that this type of cancer cell is very responsive to treatment. I am told that the drugs begin immediately in attacking and killing the cancer cells and continue working for three weeks. Each following treatment is intended to kill more and more cancer cells. The goal is that after the last treatment all cancer cells will be gone - a complete cure. I approach this whole situation with confidence and optimism – this is another problem to focus on and solve. That said this last day before treatment begins as been a bit more stressful and anxiety filled then I am used to.

Many ask me about my current symptoms and pain. For the last five days I have had some back pain – at times requiring some pain killers. Oddly that pain has subsided in the last 24 hours. Other than that I don’t have significant symptoms or pain to describe.

I am expecting that the first couple of days after each treatment will be very unpleasant – I will be very tired and there a good chance I will be nauseous. My hope is that my body will rebound quickly after each treatment and that I will feel up to doing the things I want to do – spending time with friends and family (home and work). I’ll take each day one at a time.

I have already been overwhelmed with the response of care and love from my friends – everyone wants to know how they can help – many want to help right now! My wife, Lynda, and I will put our heads together to think of some practical ways folks can help out. Right now we just don’t know what this is going to be like. Fortunately, we have this first round covered in terms of help. As we get thru this first round I am sure we’ll find ways couple practical of ways others can help out. This is going to be more of a marathon vs. a sprint. For now prayer support is most welcome.

Lynda and I are still in quite a bit of shock over this. Fortunately, we have a wide network of friends and family – including you to turn to for support. On top that we have a very strong faith in Jesus. We know that God will not put anything in our path that He hasn’t given us the strength to handle. We are going to tackle this head on – I expect nothing other a complete recovery.

You are welcome to share my news with others.
Peace and Love,Tom

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