Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14 - Not as great

The nausea finally set in over the last day. The first five days were great - I guess that the anti-nausea medicine they gave me during the treatment only covered five days. The supplemental stuff they have given me has done little to help.

After two good days working in the office, today I am doing what I can from my reclyner at home.

In other news, I think the kids are starting to understand a little more what I am going thru. Kaelyn (5) learned that I am going to lose my hair soon. She laughed and pointed her finger at me - "That is so silly". If given the option, I think Kaelyn and Emily (10) will want to be given the first opportunity to take the shaver to me. That is still a week or two away.

Here is an oddity from one of my tests last week that I haven't shared. One of the tests was a "Pet" scan. To prep for this test I was injected with lightly radioactive glucose. The cancer cells eat this up and then glow under the scan. The oddity was that on leaving I was warned to keep a 3 ft clearance from the kids the rest of the day and evening. While adults are fine with the level of radioactivity I had kids are susceptible. I was able to do a short hug here or there but generally had to keep my distance until the next morning. It was incredibly odd to spend the evening being so self-conscious about how close I was to Emily, Ryan and Kaelyn.


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