Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd - I am cancer free!!

Six months ago (almost to the day) I was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma – a fast growing cancer (Stage 3 – not good). Today, I was declared cancer free!! This is after 8 chemo treatments that were spaced out every 3 weeks over the past six months. On Monday I was given a Petscan and today Lynda and I got the results – there is no cancer left!

My faith has remained strong throughout this experience. I strongly believe in the miraculous power of God and He came thru for me. I believe He works in miraculous ways both supernatural and practical and both have been powerfully obvious to me throughout this. From a practical perspective I can honestly say that I have experienced more love and support from my family and friends then I have ever experienced in my life. Lynda and I never felt we were in this alone there have been friends and family holding us up in prayer and support throughout. Thank you!!

For now, we celebrate (taking the next week off from work) and look forward to getting some hair sprouts back (I have peach fuzz now and it seems more white then the brown I am used to – we’ll have to wait and see). I don’t have another doctor’s appointment until October – when they will do a CT Scan to check that nothing has come back. Assuming nothing comes back I’ll continue to meet with the doctor every few months for basic checkups. We certainly don’t expect anything to come back. Statistically, they tell me that I am in the 80% zone that says I will remain cancer free for five years. After 5 years the odds of me remaining cancer free only go up from there!

Thank you for being with Lynda and me and the kids with your prayers and support – it has been an inspiration and a witness to me to the awesome power of God.

In Christ,