Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25 - Still Keepin' On

I am happy to say that things are going well for us. Outside of a nagging cough that has been hard to shake over the last month I'm in very good shape. Last weeks recovery from treatment #4 was actually a little easier on me. A couple contributions to this were that one of the chemo drugs was reduced, some of Lynda's family was in town to visit and we had great weather.

I challenged Lynda's family that I was up for some activity while we were in town. We took the time and spent the day downtown on Monday visiting the top of the Hancock building and then walking up to see the Bean sculpture in Millennium Park. Getting outside and stretching my legs was a huge help!

Lynda's brother Tom surprised us by joining the Bald Melon Club. Tom's been a big help to me since day 1 when I learned of my cancer. He is a pharmaceutical doctor and loves to research. He immediately dove into researching Lymphoma. As Lynda and I went thru those first days of testing and diagnosis Tom was able to confirm thru his research what we were hearing from my doctors on the type of cancer and the treatment plan. This gave us big boost in confidence that we were headed in the right direction.

Today is Wednesday and we are looking forward to Monday morning when we go in for my Petscan. This is the big test we've been looking forward to since day 1. I am hoping for a clean scan which will tell me that I have two more treatments and I'll be considered cured!

You'll be hearing from me again by this time next week. Between now and then I have some big plans. Friday, I am going to try nine holes of golf and Saturday I am heading to the Bulls game with my brother-in-law Jim and my uncle Jack. Yes, as you can see from this blog (and others) I am doing my best to enjoy life and praise God I have been able to do so.

God bless,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Marcb 15 - On the road...

Today we are on our way to visit with Lynda's family. We haven't seen them since Christmas. By the way this my first post via my mobile phone.

I am taking a couple days off this week -less about recovering from treatment #4 (which was Friday) and more to spend time with family. It took a little insistence on my part to convince Lynda's family that I am not an invalid and could try something more active on Monday (a better day for me than later this week). Maybe we'll give a museum a try.

My doctor is "cautiously optimistic" on my progress -that seems to be the most I can get out of her. I will be going in for my next Pet scan in two weeks. If the scan is clean I get two more treatments. If it isn't totally clean it will be four more treatments. Please keep storming the heavens for me - praying that #4 cleans out whatever cancer I have left.

In Christ,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7 - It has been awhile...

It has been a couple weeks since my last post. Outside of a nagging cold/cough (almost 4 weeks now) and tingly finger tips (started a week ago) I am doing fantastic. I just started taking an antibiotic to help fight the cough. The finger tips - well, the doctor tells me that might last until about six months after my treatment ends. It doesn't hinder me from doing anything - but it does feel odd typing. Overall, my body feels like I knocked the cancer weeks ago and now I just have to keep working thru these chemo treatments to seal the deal.

Treatment #3 was two weeks ago. I got thru the first 7 days a little easier than after the first two treatments. Lynda and I have learned a lot about how to best time certain medications to minimize the valley I experience during days 5, 6 and 7 after each treatment. The great thing is that the nausea has not been a big issue for me and fatigue isn't too bad. I have felt well enough that working has been no problem. Fortunately I have plenty of flexibility in my hours and where I work (home vs. the office) that I can take a break whenever I need to. Treatment #4 is next Friday (March 13). I am looking forward to getting past this one because it means I will get scheduled for my next PET scan (probably very end of March). My doctor will use this scan to determine how many more treatments I'll need. Please keep up those prayers - especially over the next couple weeks!

We have a new member of the Bald Melon Club - he is #10! Ray and I have known each other for years - going back to a Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) retreat at St. John Neumann about nine years ago. Ray and I are now members of a prayer/discussion group that is meeting at Lynda/my house each week thru Lent.

I learned this week about St. Baldrick's Foundation - a non-profit group that is funding research for pediatric cancer. It pains me to think of the many kids who are struggling with cancer. St. Baldrick's is all about "Shaving the way to conquer kids' cancer". They recruit people to volunteer to have their heads shaved - encouraging others to donate in support. I am talking with some friends at Accenture to do something to support this. More info to come. BTW - I looked into St. Baldrick's and they appear to apply a higher percentage of the funds they raise to fight cancer than many other cancer charities.

I'll end there for now. God bless,