Sunday, March 15, 2009

Marcb 15 - On the road...

Today we are on our way to visit with Lynda's family. We haven't seen them since Christmas. By the way this my first post via my mobile phone.

I am taking a couple days off this week -less about recovering from treatment #4 (which was Friday) and more to spend time with family. It took a little insistence on my part to convince Lynda's family that I am not an invalid and could try something more active on Monday (a better day for me than later this week). Maybe we'll give a museum a try.

My doctor is "cautiously optimistic" on my progress -that seems to be the most I can get out of her. I will be going in for my next Pet scan in two weeks. If the scan is clean I get two more treatments. If it isn't totally clean it will be four more treatments. Please keep storming the heavens for me - praying that #4 cleans out whatever cancer I have left.

In Christ,

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  1. Glad to see you are continuing to do well. Have a wonderful visit! Your body will tell you if you are overdoing it. It'll be good for family to see how well you look. Stay the course! You're doing great!