Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14 - St. Baldrick's Day

We had a great St. Baldrick's event today here in St. Charles! Our goal was to raise $5,000 for pediatric cancer research and at this point we are at $7,000 and still climbing. You can join the fight by donating here -

We started with seven guys with me ready to take the plunge into the Bald Melon Club - for charity! From left Dan Dupre, Bob Gerard, Jay Synder*, me, John Ceisel* (who co-coordinated the event with me), Tim Hobbs*, David Granger and Chris Olson*. Before we had finished Mike Gombar (second from right decided to join in). Keith Worthington* also joined in the picture (third from right - this is his natural look). Note that the *'s are for new members of the Bald Melon Club - I think this brings it to 17 guys!

Here is the after picture - from left on top (Chris, John, Tim, Bob, Jay, Kieth, Mike, David) and bottom (me, Dan).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5 - Join me in a new way to fight cancer

My friends and family has been so incredibly supportive of me – truly walking with me on my journey towards beating cancer. I believe I am in the home stretch of the healing process (I have two more chemo treatments scheduled – May 13 and June 3). As I get to the end of this phase of my journey I would like to begin to change from an inward healing focus to more of an outward focus – doing something to help others fight against cancer. One specific area to focus on is pediatric cancer – it truly pains me to think of the many kids who have to go thru this process (and far worse).

To this end, I am partnering with Chris Olson, David Granger, John Ceisel and Tim Hobbs (a couple of the many great friends I have at Accenture) who are willing to shave their heads to raise money. We are working thru St. Baldrick’s – a non-profit organization that raises funds to further research in pediatric cancer. I have done some research into this organization and have found that almost 80% of all funds they raise actually goes to fighting cancer. This is a very favorable percentage when compared to other excellent and well known cancer non-profit groups.

On Thursday, May 14 at 11 AM CST we will be doing the shaving. Our goal is to raise $5,000 for St. Baldrick’s. Additionally, I am partnering with my grandfather to provide a little added incentive to help us reach our goal. Together, my grandfather and I will make a matching donation to the first $2,000 in total pledges made by 11 AM CST on May 14.

If you’d like to make a pledge to support Chris, David, John and Tim please do so by visiting our St. Balderick’s page -

Thank you for your continued tireless support of me and my family and for considering a pledge to support the fight against pediatric cancer!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3 - Pushin' forward

My gosh - it is hard to believe that a whole month has gone by since my last post. Since then I have gone thru two more chemo treatments. The biggest change in the last month is that I am more tired. Yesterday, I spent a little while in the backyard pulling Dandelions. An hour of that light activity and I was wiped out. It just doesn't take much to tire me out these days - mentally or physically.

I am in the homestretch - only two more to go! From the pictures I posted in my last blog I know there was almost nothing left a month ago. I believe it is now completely gone. I won't get any more objective proof until the end of June when I have my next Petscan.

The love and support I continue to receive is a huge blessing to Lynda and I. There continues to be a steady stream of cards, meals and other support. The steadfast commitment from my network of friends has been heartwarming and uplifting - a huge contributor to my healing process. I have never felt alone throughout this entire process - my friends have been walking beside me every step of the way!

Here is just one example - another joiner to the Bald Melon Club! Pat just joined in the last two weeks (see picture below). Pat and I go back well over 20 years as friends! I think that brings the total number to 12! Twelve men making such a show of support that they have shaved their heads for me! There is a good chance that a few more will be joining soon - as part of a fund raiser for pediatric cancer. We are finalizing the details - hope to be able to talk more about it very soon.

Peace, In Christ,