Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11 - A great weekend!

It has been a great two days! I attribute this to the work of God and the great progress made in developing this chemo process. I can only hope that I respond to future treatments nearly as well.

The last two nights I have slept better than I have in over a month. I haven't experienced any of the after effects of the chemo treatment that I was concerned about. My energy levels have been excellent - the steriod they gave me has been a big help. I have had a little bone soreness and slight headache - but hardly even worth a Tylenol.

Another blessing this weekend was that our good friends, Pat and Teresa volunteered to have Emily, Ryan and Kaelyn visit their house for the weekend. Our kids think of Pat and Teresa as another aunt and uncle and their two kids Erin and Kimmy as more cousins. It was a win-win for Lynda and I and for the kids. Pat and Teresa are wonderful lifelong friends.

It was a blessing to Lynda and I to have a peaceful, restful weekend - and the extreme bonus no bad symptoms from the treatment. I felt so good that we decided to go out to dinner Saturday night with good friends of ours, Brian and Violet.

Today, I gave my primary doctor a call to give him an update on my progress. Dr. EJ has been an awesome care provider and guide over the past couple of weeks and a great friend. It truly has a been a blessing to have a relationship with my doctor (we go to the same church and our boys go to school together). An interesting item came out of our conversation - he let me know that he had never had a patient go from Lymphoma cancer diagnosis to first treatment as fast as I have.

My last dose of the steriod for this treatment is tomorrow. It is likely that as that dose wears off I will start expriencing far more fatigue. On top of that, while the chemo treatment begins working immediately it hits its maximum working potency after seven or eight days.

I will continue to take each day - one at time. Again, I feel very blessed to have a good start.

I expect that future posts will be less frequent and will begin getting shorter.

Peace, In Christ,


  1. Hi Tom

    Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and hoping your future treatments go as smoothly as this first one.

  2. Hi Tom

    You are in my thoughts. I hope that all the treatments in future are smooth and safe.