Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17 - Prayer's are being answered...

Today, I received my first tangible objective news on the progress I am making in my fight with cancer – and it is great news!

Based on a CT scan taken yesterday (my first since starting chemo treatments) the main Lymphoma tumor (behind my kidneys) has been reduced by just over 80%!! This is after two rounds of chemo treatment. It has been reduced from 8.9cm X 7.3cm (64.9 sq. cm) to 4.7cm X 2.6 cm (12.22 sq. cm). I have been confident that with all the prayer and support that we’d conquer this and it sure looks like I am on right road.

My doctor still has me on a plan for eight chemo treatments. Treatment #3 is this Friday. My doctor now plans to do the more extensive PET scan after my fourth chemo treatment. The original PET scan showed that in addition to the main tumor that the cancer was spread thru-out my abdomen with another spot in my chest and another on the right side of my neck. I am confident that similar progress has been made on those areas as well and fully expect that the next PET scan will prove that out. Based on that test the doctor will decide if I need all eight treatment or something less. I expect the test will be done at the end of March.

The amount of prayer and other support that Lynda and I have received has been overwhelming – we are feeling the love. It is working. Please continue to keep Lynda, me and the kids in your prayers.

Love and in Christ,


  1. Wonderful, wonderful news! Isn't modern medicine miraculous? Continued good progress!

  2. That is great news, Tom. We will continue to pray for you and your family. LOVE the bald melon club. :)

  3. Praise the Lord! Rejoice with you and your family!