Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16 - Waiting for results and a new addition to the club

My first Cat scan since before my first treatment was done today. We now wait with high expectation for some good news - though it may take a couple of days before we hear something.

Over the weekend Lynda and I celebrating Valentine's Day in our traditional way - by going to a nice dinner with our good friends Brian and Violet. We've known them since prior to college. Our Valentine's tradition with them goes back six or seven years. Brian surprised me with a new look.
Brian is the ninth member of the Bald Melon Club!

My next post should contain news from today's scan.



  1. Way to go, Brian! Lookin' smo-o-o-o-o-th!!

    Looking forward to your next update regarding today's scan. All in God's hands!

  2. I hope your scan reads good progress!

  3. Tom, I am in the hospital today for my husband's #7 chemotreatment ... I admire you for having good faith and positive attitude. I know first hand how 'a little valley' could be. You and your famiy are wonderful witnesses and I will continue to pray for your progress. God bless,