Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12 - Bald Melon Club Grows!

The Bald Melon Club has two new members today - both big pleasant surprises! So far eight men have joined me in solidarity.

Here are Dan and I. We've worked together at Accenture for many years.

Scott and I go back all the way to college - when we both sported beards. Some (including Scott's mom) have suggested that when we have a full head of hair and beards that we look like twins. You can be the judge if this still holds true by comparing with the picture above.

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I am having a great week. I was pretty much fully recovered from my January 30 treatment by this last Monday - 10 days. Within those 10 days there were only two that were a little rough in the middle. Outside of that it was only dealing with a little fatigue.

I am looking forward to my CT scan on Monday. The focus will be on measuring the reduction in size of the main tumor behind my kidneys. I told my doctor that I'd love it if she couldn't find the tumor. Her response - "Miracles do happen". I should know something by Wednesday.

In Christ,


  1. Good luck! I'll keep you in my prayers!

  2. You and Scott still resemble each other...

    Love ya,